We  turned to Veganism in November 2019 , and haven’t looked back. This is our story .

Our 8 year old son woke up one morning and asked us where milk comes from and how is it produced. We decided to show him a video of a cow being milked and how the factory packages it . From that day onwards he decided that this family is not drinking milk as he was sad for the way the cows were treated. It was an overnight decision like a flick of a switch and here we are today , feeling healthy as ever lost Kilos in the process and will never go back. My wifes Diabetes and High blood pressure and Cholesterol  are totally under control due to our Vegan lifestyle.

This Brings us back to The Veganite , We struggled to find Vegan food , in the shops , restaurants and Hotels. So we decided to start a Directory website where anyone can find vegan options anywhere in the world .  The Veganite will be the place to find Plant Based food , clothing , restaurants and more.

2 years in the making and the website Is finally ready , we hope you enjoy using it .